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Preschool, reading, math, science, languages, and more.
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Rock 'N Learn produces educational videos and music for fun learning.

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Our educators, musicians, and animators enjoy creating entertaining educational DVDs, and music CDs used in schools and homes. In our 26 years, Rock 'N Learn has won over 200 awards for educational videos and music to help kids learn preschool skills, math, social studies, languages, and science. We also have DVDs to help students boost test-taking skills and score high on state-mandated standardized tests. Easy-to-use, these entertaining DVDs and CDs get results, as documented in case studies by several school districts.

Rock ’N Learn programs are highly recommended by teachers and available in education specialty stores and catalogs. Popular titles include Sight Words, Multiplication Rap, Letter Sounds, Phonics, Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Telling Time, Spanish Video, Money & Making Change, and more.

As winner of the 2013 Customer Service Award from the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), Rock 'N Learn was recognized for being "knowledgeable and courteous," shipping quickly, and having products that "fly off the shelves."

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Rock ‘N Learn is a leading brand that parents and teacher trust and that kids love. Browse this site to learn how your store can build customer interest and increase sales of Rock ‘N Learn programs. We provide retailers with a variety of sales tools. Learn how our award-winning customer service makes it easy to have success selling Rock ‘N Learn.